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Pittville Bathrooms and Kitchens offer creative design, supply and installation of bespoke kitchens and bathrooms from our twin showrooms in Cheltenham.

We are unique in that we employ full time project kitchen and bathroom planners and designers, plus a project manager and inhouse installation teams. We can therefore take on the design, sourcing and fitting of your bathroom, kitchen or living space from start to finish.

Alternatively we can supply one or all of the products for your project, but with the same level of reliability and care.


Bathroom, Kitchen and Living Spaces Designers, Suppliers and Installers


We have sourced a unique range from the world’s best suppliers to enable us to offer cost‐effective mid to high end design solutions.

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We pride ourselves on the wide range of products we have on display in our boutique showroom ‐ from UK, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Denmark, South Africa and other countries.

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Our latest addition includes the uber‐stylish and luxury fitted bedrooms from Silenia, one of Italy’s finest bedroom and living space manufacturers.

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Living Spaces

By combining hand finished pieces with modern we can create living space or cinema areas to meet your needs. We work closely with local Audio and Visual companies to provide a tailored solution.

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We pride ourselves on our extensive global range of our bathroom and kitchen sources. We work with some of the world’s best known suppliers and with local bespoke craftspeople.